Tounge Blurb

"Taste the justice of fine art...and i missed"

"Sense is like cheese cake"

What I Have Been Told By Friends
"I was massively high, and i saw sticks of meat, and i thought of you,"
"Your like the bestest bitch a pimp could ever have!"
"You are the herpies to my deep <3"
"If I was to go to war I would want you there"
"When I grow up would you be thew godmother to my children"

Im weird, I occasionally question my psychopathic tendencies
...and its not going to get any better
I like way to many things to much -obsessive personality -ops

*fandom secret:
I want to be T.O.P

18 ~ NYC
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I Like it

because this is what you do in math, draw da ships

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